I'm not full on over things but I am closer. Who's tired of my breakup lists? No one? Cool. That's what I thought.
  1. Controlling my thoughts
    I'm not awesome at this but I do make a genuine effort to not let myself go down a wormhole thinking about all the ways we could get back together or planning out the conversation I want to have with him.
  2. Avoiding him on social media
    I have not stalked him on social media once since we broke up 5 weeks ago. Honestly holding onto this has helped so much. When I'm feeling truly shitty I get to tell myself, "hey, at least you haven't stalked him online - you're doing okay!"
  3. Yoga
    This works.
  4. Buying new clothes
    Retail therapy is legit IDGAF
  5. Planning a trip
    I just bought tickets to LA to visit my two college besties the week before he gets back from Africa. This gives me something to look forward to that *isn't* his potential re-entry into my life and heart and soul etc.
  6. Taylor Swift
    Whenever I start thinking about us getting back together I sing "We are never ever getting back together"
  7. Remembering the nice moments
    Like I said I don't go down a wormhole. But it helps to remember that we really cared for each other and enjoyed each other; that this is hard for both of us and we're both just human people trying to figure shit out.
  8. Remembering the bad moments
    Right after we broke up I romanticized the shit out of our relationship. Now I can remember those moments he made me uncomfortable or self-conscious, the things he did or said that annoyed me, the traits that will not endear him to my loving and conservative family. I recognize he's not perfect without hating him for it and that is a feat 🌠
  9. Purposefully wearing clothes or doing things he didn't like
    Oh, he doesn't ~love~ my high wasted flared jeans from GAP? Cool, I'll just slip those on 🍑
  10. Flirting with new boiz
    I'm not really up for dating yet but flirting with new people reminds me that I'm allowed to let myself move on and it reminds me that other people can and will feel for me what he did.
  11. "A Little Bit Stronger"
    The Leighton Meester cover of this song from the Country Strong soundtrack gives me LIFE. "Cause even on my weakest days...I get a little bit stronger." Go listen to this.
  12. Living my life like it's completely over
    Our breakup was complicated and incomplete and we might actually get back together. But if we do I want that to be a lovely gooey surprise and not my absolute expectation. So I'm tucking that hope away in a box and putting it on a shelf and giving it an ambiguous label so I forget where it's stored.
  13. Being honest with my friends
    I have good days and bad days. If work goes well and I went to yoga and I drank plenty of water and avoided sugar then I go to bed feeling pretty alright. If work sucked and I ate nothing but a Snickers bar all day I go to bed feeling shitty. I talk to my friends in both moods and tell them the truth. It's very liberating to share the burden.
  14. Being honest with myself
    This list was originally titled THINGS THAT HAVE HELPED ME MOVE ON LIKE 80% but then I realized 80 wasn't really accurate.