Hiiiiii. So my darling boyfriend just moved to Texas because of some serious family stuff and I'm still here in lonely old Alaska. We decided to do long distance and re-evaluate in a year. Help??? P.S. CAPS LOCK FOR LIFE.
  1. Me RN
  2. I gotchu boo!!! I made a list about it: LONG DISTANCE RELATION-TIPS
    My BF & I have been long distance 3 times & I promise u can do this!!! Know yourselves before it happens & visit often! In the meantime like watch shows 2gether or sext or listen to the same music & podcasts!!! U can do it!!!! 💖💖💖
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  3. Snapchat often
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  4. Skype. FaceTime. Find something to do together despite the distance. A multiplayer video game, Skype + Netflix, _something_ mutual.
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  5. If you're in the financial position to do so, there are lots of cute things you can buy!!!
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  6. withoutapp.com is an app that might help.
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  7. I've been doing long distance (east to west coast) for almost two years.
    The best thing I can say is to prepare & embrace how the way you two communicate will change! Your needs will change and so will your partners and the way you talk about the big stuff as well as the little day to day is going to change from what it was before and even what you think it will be. You will figure this out!! But it's one of those weird things that benefits from talking ahead of time but also embracing that it will change you/your relationship in ways you don't expect
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  8. My boyfriend moved to Austria for six months in 2015 and I felt like I was going to DIE literally. This was especially hard because with the 7 hour time difference we couldn't always talk on the phone in the evening or if I was feeling lonely. The one thing we did that I think saved us both was that we started writing each other really long emails.
    We would send the other person these beautiful love letters, they would be anywhere from 1 to 15 pages long. So if the other person was at work or asleep we felt like we could still communicate in this really beautiful way. And those emails changed everything, we learned so much about each other and our relationship really deepened in a way I hadn't even known was possible. I cherished those emails! It was a really amazing opportunity to be able to communicate to each other in that long form.
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