HI. You know my ex that inspired lists such as the wildly popular 10 ROMCOM STEREOTYPES I'VE FULFILLED SINCE WE BROKE UP and the lesser known CONVO I JUST HAD WITH MY EX'S FRIEND IN THE GROCERY STORE? Well. He called. And apologized. And long story short IT'S ON. What is life? 🙃😍💃
  1. She's going to hug you. Just let it happen.
  2. She's going to want to discuss her electric composter. Especially because you're a biologist.
    Him: if she doesn't bring it up I'm going to ask. That's actually really interesting.
  3. She'll probably bring up her new outdoor space. She's hired a landscape architect. My dad doesn't want to pay for this - so this is a hard line to tread.
  4. She doesn't like small talk so she'll have conversation topics planned.
  5. She'll want to hear you talk about all the things you like about me.
    TRUE! She loved parent teacher conferences because people just bragged on her daughters. This is also a little self serving but it's true so IDGAF.