It's time you all knew the truth.
  1. Naps are not refreshing
    I am always more tired and more grouchy after a nap. ALWAYS.
  2. Beyoncé is an acquired taste
    Which I have not acquired. I dig her as a feminist and fashion icon but I own approximately 3 Beyoncé songs.
  3. Pets are the worst
    I don't like animals inside homes.
  4. Pitbull's music is catchy enough to assuage the guilt of partaking in his misogyny
    I went to a Pitbull concert last year and I was transported.
  5. Jim Harbaugh is hot
    This is probably not on anyone else's radar but TBH I find him 🔥
  6. Meat is bad on pizza
    I like cheese or veggie ONLY
  7. Ross is bomb
    Why do people hate Ross?!? He's the most middle child character ever and I love him (even though he's not a middle child)
  8. Bonnie Wright was well cast as Ginny Weasley
    I will fight you. Bonnie is adorable and made a great Ginny. She was underwritten in the movies and that's not Bonnie's fault okay!
  9. Sex and the City perpetuates stereotypes
    Not good for women IMO
  10. Martin Freeman is better than Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock
    Martin Freeman plays the harder part and slays repeatedly.
  11. The House Bunny is a dope movie
    Anna Faris ✔️ Colin Hanks ✔️ Emma Stone ✔️ "They eyes are the nipples of the face" ✔️