1. Standing in the heat with resting bitch face in 3 inch heels for over 4 hours isn't easy.
  2. It's amazing how uncomfortable it makes people around you.
  3. I was shocked at how most of the other employees just flat out ignored us.
  4. Getting random shout outs from other union members walking by is the best feeling in the world!
  5. Two of my co workers going to work wouldn't even make eye contact with us on the picket line.
  6. No matter how much people bitch and moan on social media, not very many people will show up to events like this.
  7. Other union members that showed up to show support have a special place in heaven.
  8. I'm a proud Union member and proud to say I stood up for my rights and will keep fighting for a fair contract.
  9. People that brought their children deserve a standing ovation!
  10. Unity is powerful.