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  1. "You know what I'm having a really hard time finding? Even on eBay! A tile from a space shuttle"
    Me: Who makes it? Nic: "Some company that won't sell to civilians" Me: you're not a civilian, you work for a research laboratory Nic: "yeah but I don't need it for that. I need it to make a missile"
  2. (Speaking about his dream bike storage set up) "I want it to be like the bat cave - I want to come out of a rock in my front yard riding my bike"
As claimed by my husband, Nic
  1. Death Hickey
    Genre: Heavy Metal. Bonus idea: first album to be called called Ginger Jelly and to feature as the cover art a man pinned under a large red headed woman.
  1. Gracie and Jules
    Black widow spiders he had as pets before we got married. They lived in (cleaned) 5 gallon mayonnaise jars.
  2. 50+ Stag Beatles
    Which chewed through their styrofoam container on the first night and many likely crawled under the door of our basement apartment on Sunnyside Ave and into our landlords house. Sorry, Willie!
  3. 120+ Grey Garden Snails
    Which lived in various buckets and playing pots in my guest bath tub for over a year while Nic worked up the courage to try his hand at home aid escargot again. Almost 100 of these were subsequently released back into the wild (meaning they are now living in our garden)
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