concert bucket list

(venue i'd wanna see them in+ song i'd wanna hear most)
  1. lizzo
    iron city / good as hell
  2. sleater-kinney
    tabernacle / a new wave
  3. beyoncé
    georgia dome! / get me bodied
  4. lady gaga
    fox theatre (where she previewed her btw tour!) / g.u.y.
  5. sufjan stevens
    alabama theatre / the only thing
  6. jimmy page
    iron city / black mountain side
  7. kimbra
    saturn / cameo lover
  8. courtney barnett
    lyric theatre / debbie downer
  9. alabama shakes
    alabama theatre / rise to the sun
  10. washed out
    tabernacle / weightless
  11. tess & dave
    tabernacle / wild about you • [full disclosure: i saw t&d open for father john misty at the tabernacle in april. i would LOVE to see them come back and sell the place out themselves. such wonderful music.]