contents of my nightstand

  1. ha! ok so i don't have a nightstand but i DO have a really big speaker that backs right up to my bed where i stack various things!
    (those things are as follows)
  2. a short stack of books
    On The Road; Chronicle of a Death Foretold; Mother Courage & Her Children; A Brief History of Seven Killings; Egghead; A Clockwork Orange; Dead Fish Museum; Yes, Please
  3. tall books/coloring books(!)
    Carry This Book; Vogue Colors A-Z
  4. pocket compass!
    you never know
  5. a doodle
  6. a small selection of pens
    the colors have no name, but i think of them as peach, crimson, watermelon, and honeydew
  7. sticky notes
    (a gift!)