Father John Misty Tweets That Prove We Could Be Siblings

  1. When Tillman str8 roasted live tweeting a party.
  2. When he deftly described my passion in life.
  3. When he came to terms with lame pull-quotes he gave to @pitchfork.
  4. When he described how I feel when I got my ticket confirmation to see him.
  5. When he articulated how I went from ironically telling people to drink more water to religiously buying ARTISAN WATER WTF.
  6. When he too felt that SWISH was the best album name Kanye ever came up with.
  7. When he articulated how 🙄🙃😒 I feel about people.
  8. Need I say more?
  9. When he simultaneously said something I agree with & also called me TF out.
  10. This needs no editorializing.
  11. When he verbally rolled his eyes at a guy criticizing him for having Capital One give away tickets to his concert.
  12. Byeeeeeeee.