I Saw Father John Misty Live Friday Night

It was so beautiful. Let me talk about it for a year under the guise of giving you the set list.
  1. β€’
    Everyman Needs A Companion
    It was really good. I had been pretty lowkey all night but when he started singing someone next to me started laughing because I was a mess.
  2. β€’
    Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
  3. β€’
    When You're Smiling and Astride Me
    He ripped off his acoustic guitar and literally flung it to a stage hand halfway through this song. I cried and he held the mic stand over the crowd to hear us do the "oh"s. (See https://instagram.com/p/BEzjvJbJPAB/)
  4. β€’
    Only Son of the Ladiesman
    The crowd was so amped when he started this one and I sang along the whole time it was cute you should've been there.
  5. β€’
    Tee Pees 1-12
  6. β€’
    Nothing Good Ever Happens At the Goddamn Thirsty Crow
    He was so mad!!! He knocked the mic stand over A LOT!!! At the end the music was still loud but he said something along the lines of "fuck you motherfucker!" just into the crowd??? The lights went off after the slow part and he just LOST IT!!!
  7. β€’
    Funtimes in Babylon
    It has always irritated me because Funtimes isn't one word but I don't care anymore !!!
  8. β€’
    Nancy From Now On
    Imagine about 1,800 people shouting "pour me another one, and punch me in the face" because it feels pretty insane when the lights are out and you're in an old church in the Luckie District.
  9. β€’
    Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
    Okay okay there was no Mariachi band there but it was still very solid Dan was on guitar and he NAILED the heck out of it.
  10. β€’
    I'm Writing A Novel
    At this point I think my mouth was hanging open and I was crying a little don't worry about it we're fine.
  11. β€’
    Now I'm Learning to Love the War
    The man in front of me was counting the things-it-takes-to-make-a-record off his fingers to the woman he was with and they were both so giddy it was cute.
  12. β€’
    Holy S**t
    Everyone sang along and I think nearly everyone knew all the words and there was this one guy in the front LoSiNg his MiNd
  13. β€’
    Bored in the USA
    I was so scared that we were supposed to do the laugh track and I was like yikes because I couldn't remember when to laugh but when it got to that part everyone in the crowd started yelling and clapping and he smiled a little bit it was nice.
  14. β€’
    True Affection
  15. β€’
    This is Sally Hatchet
    Everyone was getting plenty hype because he was going from sweet soft Indie Folk genius to Angry Alternative Rock Sex Deity and I was like OKAY OKAY OKAY
  16. β€’
    I Love You, Honeybear
    He sang "The misanthropes next door.." From stage left really soft and then went to center and was like "GOOD LUCK FINGERING OBLIVION" and oh man it was really good so so good. He got into the crowd three times and just laid the upper half of his body over them like he was giving them a blessing & honestly I know I would've felt #blessed.
  17. β€’
  18. β€’
    I Went To the Store One Day
    No band, no wild lighting. Just him, under a spotlight with an acoustic guitar. When it reached the final two linesβ€”"All 'cause I went to the store one day/Seen you around, what's your nameβ€”" He was drawing it out so much that before he sang store, there was a this huge pause where you could hear the crowd going "Sssssssssssss"
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    Closer (Nine Inch Nails cover)
    HOLY COW!!! He was totally gearing up to do The Ideal Husband and the lighting was really powerful and deep green and he was totally going for it. I never thought I would get to hear Josh Tillman sing "I wanna fuck you like an animal" in person and yet here we are. (See https://instagram.com/p/BEzsn7iogUM/)
  20. β€’
    The Ideal Husband
    Allow me to preface this by saying that this song is my total jam. I was looking forward to hearing it so much and I wasn't disappointed at ALL. As soon as the siren sound came up there were these insane screams from the floor. He danced around the stage, he wrapped the mic cord around his neck, he swung the stand around on his shoulders, and when he shouted "Wouldn't I make the ideal husband?" he dropped to his knees and proceeded to be wickedly provocative.
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    He was waving goodbye when "Legend" came on and he literally stayed onstage and everyone in the crowd danced with him until he left it was beautiful I want to be his pal. (See https://instagram.com/p/BEz3rLdn-wy/ or even better https://instagram.com/p/BEzt3Y1qz74/ or even BEST http://youtu.be/U6e2dAuXVZM)
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