@li.st ur so mean

  1. like... every update has been dumb, right?
  2. and everyone hated all of them
    I can explain this: they were gross.
  3. and part of me is like "oh, I see. they want to change the content format to attract new users."
  4. but also, if that's the case, LOOK AROUND. i for one don't see any newbies rushing to get their hands on the li.st app.
  5. ALSO
  6. you said that you emailed my drafts to me and yet none of the links will open, which is just super charming
  7. i am so shook at this app
  8. and how it's hq is rlly bad at engagement
  9. anyways, all this to say:
  10. get it together or get off of my radar pls & thx u