My Year in Photos

  1. inherited a very beautiful very loud vintage hi fi
  2. read across america to some little first grade friends
  3. saw father john misty LIVE!
  4. first farmers market of the summer
  5. went to atlanta for the weekend. waved hello to jimmy carter.
  6. won free doughnuts from the best place in town!!!!!
  7. took a fun picture on the first day of school
  8. went to the most wonderful place on earth
  9. doodled the theatre district during history of the americas
  10. saw pet sounds live
  11. saw kanye TWO nights later
  12. volunteered to paint a tiny sign for the STEM floor
  13. did football with really goofy friends
  14. went to dinner with a friend before going to see another friend do stand-up
  15. saw young the giant live with my sweetest pal
  16. killed nineties day like a trooper
  17. painted this instead of writing a paper
  18. met this sweet shih tzu pup and fell in luv with her
  19. conquered my fear of heights for about ten minutes to take this photo
  20. cowrote and directed the annual senior skit with twenty people i love more than life
  21. visited a college i loved in my head and hated in person
  22. voted for thrillary
  23. took this pic while heading downtown to a party that gave me some anxiety and a lot of mexican food
  24. went to friendsgiving at olive garden with the kind of family you get to choose
  25. put my feet in this VERY COLD november ocean for actual thanksgiving
  26. final farmers market of the year
  27. studied for finals and almost fell asleep in a very comfy armchair
  28. ditched winter formal to get hashbrowns with my favorite humans
  29. stepped into Christmas with the best sister you could ask for
  30. cried over carrie