The Stages of Watching Twin Peaks for the First Time

this is CRAZY
  1. "Wow. This is kind of beautiful!"
  2. "Wait this is kind of weird, right? Like maybe a little weird?"
  3. "Wait what."
  4. **audible screeching**
  5. "Oh. Oh my god. OH MY GOD."
  6. "Oh wow. Now this is... kinda boring. Yeah. Like not good. Like boring."
  7. "Oh, okay. Now it's just... not funny, either? Sure. Whatever."
  8. "Okay this is good. Like really good."
  9. "WHAT."
  10. "Oh. No."
  11. [side note: this is me]
  12. "Okay. This is it. The last episode."
  13. "Oh, no. That's not the real log lady. SHE'S NOT EVEN HOLDING A LOG, PEOPLE!"
  14. "These strobe lights are too much."
  15. "I swear to God if Audrey Horne is dead then so is David Lynch."
  16. "I'm sorry. Who? What? Red? Black? Astrology? BOB? LAURA? SCARY KYLE MACLACHLAN?"
  17. "Oh my god. That's it? That's the last episode? Are you serious? I'm out."