What the Sloss Fest Teasers Probably Mean vs. What I Want Them To Mean

  1. Probably: NEEDTOBREATHE || My Wish: Sleater-Kinney
    Rationale: get it? you needtobreathe oxygen? wow. clever. BUT ALSO Sleater-Kinney has a dope song called O2 on One Beat so who's to say?
  2. Probably: Widespread Panic || My Wish: Red Hot Chili Peppers & Arctic Monkeys
    Rationale: "Chilly Water" by Widespread Panic is a song that exists. Chili pepper: RHCP; Wonky waves: Arctic Monkeys.
  3. Probably: Run the Jewels/Cashmere Cat || My Wish: It had better be RTJ.
    Rationale: You get the picture.