1. Cycling class
    I think that's what ODing on cocaine feels like
  2. Earthpaste toothpaste
    Works about as well as "crystal deodorant" (but I have to finish the tube because for some reason I can waste money on so much useless nonsense but will never throw away toothpaste that hasn't been origamied dry.)
  3. EDM party
    Rap or Pop any day of the week instead please. ( but actually I might... This girl likes to dance)
  4. Jumping from a high diving board
    Perhaps my scariest childhood memory. At least it taught me that I will never skydive.
  5. Any interactive horror related excursion
    Ex. Knotts Scary Farm......The one time I went to something like that I felt like I was going to throw up from fear and I just keep laughing to convince the Monsters I was having too much fun to be prey. But they still sensed my fear and attacked me.
  6. Cutting my hair super short