I get lots of cravings when I read. Emotional cravings but also food cravings. Here are some books I read in 2015 & the things they made me crave whilst reading them.
  1. Notorious RBG - craved: wisdom, discipline, and strong coffee
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  2. Station Eleven - craved: venison and cheese
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  3. Fates and Furies - craved: cashmere dresses, a home in the country, and pizza
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  4. Why Not Me? - craved: sliced apples and peanut butter, apparently
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  5. Americanah - craved: ice cold beer, sunshine, and the power to put this on everyone's reading list
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  6. A Modern Way To Eat - craved: bean soup and more cabinet space
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  7. Buffalo Crossing - craved: a cowboy dinner of canned beans topped with jalapeños and cheese. Also: bourbon
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  8. Misfit Economy - craved: bigger ideas, camel milk... 🐪
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  9. My New Roots - craved: berry smoothies, bee pollen, and lentils
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  10. Just Kids - craved: sardines and all the other shit I used to eat as a broke (but so so so alive!) college student
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  11. Bad Feminist - craved: men HAHA JK I really just wanted a giant glass or red wine for most of this book
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  12. So You've Been Publicly Shamed - craved: stress eating ice cream and a social media hiatus
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  13. Yes Please - craved: attention and craft beer
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