I have eclectic taste in music, I ain't gonna lie.
  1. New Order Substance
    I bought this double disc set with my hard earned money. Synth and moody...perfect for my angst filled days.
  2. Roy Orbisons Greatest Hits
    I heard "In Dreams" while watching Blue Velvet. It was haunting and beautiful, it touched my soul. I immediately sought more music by Roy and even though I was young and in High School (and prone to ridicule). I declared my love loud and proud.
  3. Beastie Boys Pauls Boutique
    I can listen to this from beginning to end for months. It makes me Shake My Rump. The sampling is so rich, to this day I still find little gems that I did not recognize before.
  4. Pixies Doolittle
    A masterpiece in every way. This is another album that takes me away to that special place.
  5. A Perfect World The Soundtrack
    I had no idea I liked Old school country until I heard this album (I loved the movie too). Rusty Draper, finding out Willie Nelson wrote Night Life, and even an original composition by Clint Eastwood. All of the songs made me realize there is so much music to love and explore.
  6. Willie Nelson Countryman
    When I heard Walmart made him change the cover art, I had to find out why. Then I played this album for 2 years straight. I have since bought many Willie albums, saw him in concert twice, and love who he is as a human being.
  7. ELO's Greatest Hits
    Jeff Lynne has the voice of an angel. Whenever I was in a bad mood at a crappy job, I played this album to lift my spirits. It still works.
  8. Hamilton the Musical
    This is one of the best anything that I have ever heard. I once drove around LA just listening to it from beginning to end. It moved me so much I was sobbing while driving on the 105 freeway.