I am a 5'00" Amazon. Would like to share my observations for a world designed for skyscraper people.
  1. Con: Mirrors in bathrooms
    Challenging to say the least (especially in Europe)
  2. Con: Grocery store shelves
    They do not look kindly on you if you climb the shelves or try to swat things down with a loaf of bread
  3. Con: Pants inseam
    All of it needs to be altered, unless it's a super defective pair from Old Navy (score!)
  4. Con: Couches
    Most of the time, legs just stick out (no bend). Mitigate this problem with pillows behind you...lots of pillows
  5. Pro: shoes
    Can buy shoes in the kids section (usually 25% less)
  6. Pro: get kids admissions to amusement park
    You have to turn your back to the ticket attendant
  7. Pro: can snake through crowds
    Like a deft sewer rat
  8. Pro: will look younger then you are
    Until you take the amulet off from around your neck
  9. Pro: airline seats
    Ain't no big thang
  10. Pro: falling down
    Shorter distance to the ground
  11. Con: getting picked up LITERALLY
    Everyone tries to lift you up like you are Elgar the garden gnome? Jokes on them when they have no idea you are heavy AF for you height (deceptively so)
  12. Con: general admission concerts
    Unless you are standing next to a human henge, you will get pushed until you wind up in a parking lot
  13. Con: Oktoberfest
    Gas spewing from lederhosen is at your face level. Sausage, radish and beer diet do not make for flowery scents.
  14. Con: barstools
    You look like you're climbing a rock wall to get seated
  15. Con: upper cabinets
    Just stupid that you can only reach the bottom shelf unless you hoist, swivel and stand on your counter