1. Mindy Kaling
    She is hella fierce, has a great group of writers / friends, and just seems like her world is challenging and totally rewarding. Also, the love of McD's is something that I share (also Jack in the Box) but only when "the beast" makes me.
  2. Creative person that can draw really well
    Recently had conversation with someone in that sort of role, and I never wanted to Jame Gumb this job before now. Got the DL on current and future Live Action remakes of past cartoons, and comic strips. To say jalouse is an understatement.
  3. Pastry Chef
    I would want to pretend like I am a "Great Chefs of..." It was a cooking show on PBS that would have classical guitar playing in the background as a master chef would make beautiful deliciousness (often saying unintelligible things) and somehow a terrine would make an appearance.
  4. OPI nail polish namer
    They have the best names. Period.
  5. Hype man (or is it Hype person?)
    I don't know, I imagine a staff and the ability to just get people pumped. To clarify, maybe a scepter or something that would signify an extension of my T-Rex arms, not an instrument that could be seen as a weapon that would end with me getting tazed or worse.
  6. See's Candy counter person
    I just need one day...one day! I would be sick from all the free samples and the onset of Diabeetez would be a buzz kill, but for one glorious day...