Top 5 Favorite U.S. Presidents

Not meant for political discourse, just a list
  1. Abraham Lincoln
    Duh, for all the cool shit that he did...including being a Vampire Hunter!
  2. Teddy Roosevelt
    He's my history heartthrob, NPS, author extraordinaire (I am looking the other way with his Imperialism views, but I am looking down and shaking my head).
  3. Franklin Roosevelt
    Just a remarkable human being with his ability to pull this country out of the Great Depression, The New Deal,having Eleanor as his eyes and ears to make sure everyone's voices were being heard. Totally think his biggest mistake was the internment of Japanese Americans, but fear-mongering and mob mentality made for a tragic mistake.
  4. Lyndon B. Johnson
    The Civil Rights Bill and he put up with no guff when hard decisions needed to be made (after JFK who was super awesome too) but LBJ made things happen...hard!
  5. Barak Obama
    Despite being blocked by a bunch of politicians that didn't want to do their job, he jumped in when shit was hitting the fans, and he still managed to pass the Affordable Care Act (this changed my life).