1. Guess Shar Pei Sweatshirt
    My best friend Tracy had one. Always wanted, never got.
  2. Swatch Guard
    Why stop at one when you could twist two together?
  3. Swatch Guard Too
    Add one of these for good measure. A Swatch can never be over-protected!
  4. Mint Green Sharp Portable Stereo with Shoulder Strap
    I'm a big sucker for the '80s version of the '50s.
  5. Tretorns
    Like the cool preppy girls.
  6. Conair Geometricks Hair Styling Tool
    I can still sing the jingle.
  7. Banana clips
  8. Love's Baby Soft
    When you're not quite ready for the United Colors of Benetton fragrance.
  9. Bonne Bell 10-0-6 Lotion
    Skin care made me feel very grown up.
  10. Caboodles
    Where else are you going to put that Baby Soft and 10-0-6? In a drawer? What if you have to jam?!