1. Life is short.
    Be tenacious. Try it out, whatever it is (unless it's heroin!). Do it even if it (or because it) scares you a little. Don't be Lauren who didn't take the internship in Paris (though things have worked out pretty well for her tbh—no advice is foolproof).
  2. Life is long.
    It's okay not to know. Even if you think you know, shit happens (some wonderfully amazing, some abjectly horrible) and it may all change in an instant, or over the course of many years. Play the long game.
  3. Don't send LinkedIn requests to your teachers.
    Write a catch-up email every so often or stop by their office when you're in town and if you impressed them even a little as a student or just as a person they'll write you a strong recommendation letter that might recall a really good argument you made in class or a particularly thoughtful essay you wrote that you barely remember or have completely forgotten.
  4. I wish for this to be your Current Mood more often than not.
    But for the love of god, don't smoke.