I went on a week-long trip to Spain with my oldest friend to celebrate our 40th birthdays that will heretofore be known as Julie Carrie Barcelona. P.S. Coming back to this new feed look is throwing me for a loop but I'm soldiering on. If you want to summarize responses to the change in the comments, you'll be my li.st angel 👼🏽
  1. Static
    Loved this terminal in the Madrid airport. We flew there from JFK and connected to Barcelona.
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    Our L'Eixample apartment home for the week.
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    The apartment looked over Plaça de Gaudí where these old guys were playing cards in the afternoon.
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    Our first meal in Barcelona started with olives and cava 🥂
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    Golden hour at the Arc de Triomf. Isn't Julie cute?
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    Montaditos at Casa Lolea in El Born. Roasted red peppers with Cabrales cheese in the back and foie micuit with onion marmalade and honey. Amazing.
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    Details details details. An apothecary storefront.
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    Gaudí's basilica, Sagrada Familia. It is scheduled to be completed in 2026. I told my daughters I'll take them to see it when it's done ❤️
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    The Nativity facade doorway, full of flora and fauna.
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    A Nativity facade ivy door.
  11. Static
  12. Static
    The interior inspiration was a forest. Breathtaking.
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    Stained glass rainbow
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    My favorite feature—mosaic-covered bunches of fruit that top spires. Pic taken from the Passion facade tower.
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    Lunch at La Paradeta, basically a fish market where you point at what you want and they cook it up for you.
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    A perfect day for Park Güell. This was supposed to be a modern housing development but only a few folks bought and built there. If I had a time machine, I'd hop back in to snag a plot after poisoning Hitler.
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    One of the Park Güell gate houses.
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    And the other.
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    The view from the Park's central plaza.
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    Cyclamen were in bloom all over.
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    Turn the corner and there's another Modernista masterpiece.
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    We took a free (tip what you like at the end) walking tour of the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter) and Carson was our guide. She was great. This was a helpful and fascinating way to learn about the oldest parts of the city, which we explored more later on our own.
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    Plaça del Pi (Plaza of the Pine, pine not pictured. The original tree allegedly bore the likeness of the Virgin Mary in its high boughs so they built a cathedral there). We asked Carson about the ubiquitous orange trees all around the city and what happens to the fruit. She said they're not good to eat and go unharvested but are sometimes picked to make marmalade.
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    Wilfred the Hairy slays a griffin!
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    Just some Roman columns in the middle of the city, nbd.
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    Plaça de Sant Jaume
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    One of the world's few public Picasso installations. The figures in the middle represent Catalan human tower competitors, or castellers.
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    This dragon lantern on a former La Rambla umbrella shop knocked me out.
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    Insane gummi display at La Boqueria!
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    Fried artichoke hearts ❤️
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    Julie, prawns in cava reduction, and this nice French man.
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    In a courtyard at the Picasso Museum.
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    The gateway of La Pedrera/Casa Milà, a Gaudí-designed apartment building.
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    Stairwells and chimney-tops of La Pedrera.
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    Every face is different!
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    One of Gaudí's techniques for designing arches. Suspend chains...
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    ...then view in a mirror underneath!
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    Floral window frame at La Pedrera.
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    The City History Museum of Barcelona is built around the ruins of ancient, Roman Barcino. Why does Rick only give this one triangle? We loved it and it was a perfect rainy day site.
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    Ooooooooold mosaic floor with fishes!
  41. Static
    Salad with everything I like on a salad and empanadas at Tucco Real Food.
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    Churros and chocolate at Petritxol Xocoa.
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    The Catalan Statler and Waldorf on Carrer de Petritxol.
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    Ticket booth at the Palau de la Música Catalana.
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    We took a day trip to Montserrat, an hour's train ride outside of Barcelona.
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    The view from the monastery courtyard. Pilgrims come to see the statue of the Virgin of Montserrat.
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    Putting the fun in funicular, on our way up to see tiny chapels and hermitages plus the sweeping views.
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    This picture exactly captures Julie's feelings about this cat.
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    The chapel of Sant Joan (St. John the Baptist)
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    The Pyrenees in the far distance.
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    After getting back from Montserrat, we did a pintxos crawl on Carrer de Blai. It's self-serve and the color of the skewer or the little plate tells you the price. This spread at L'Atelier de Blai was our favorite.
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    Pretty pintxos.
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    At Blai 9, with cava, of course.
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    Our apartment roof!
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    Our rooftop view of Sagrada Familia 💯🏆
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    On our last full day, we finally got down to the waterfront. I had no idea that the beaches are human-made and this was pretty much an industrial landscape until the city hosted the 1992 Olympic summer games.
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    A washed-up, iconic sidewalk paver. Too heavy to take home ☹️
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    Old guys playing dominoes at the beach.
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    Port Vell, the old harbor. Luxury boats with lovely architecture in the distance.
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    Back in the Barri Gotic, at the gates of old Barcino.
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    Beautiful bridge and the flag of Catalunya.
  62. Static
    Orwell fought in the Spanish Civil War, a catalyzing, international anti-fascist event.
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    One last rooftop photo of Sagrada Familia!