Our older daughter was born nine years ago this morning and she is a junior bibliophile.
  1. The Witches of Benevento: Mischief Season
    The first book in a new series by John Bemelmans Marciano (grandson of Ludwig Bemelmans of the Madeline books) and illustrated by Sophie Blackall. Delightfully small format. My kid read the second one because the first was checked out from the library and she loved it.
  2. The Paper Doll House of Miss Sarah Elizabeth Birdsall Otis, Aged 12
    Birdie Otis created a collage paper doll house in the form of a book in 1884. The pages show all of the decorated rooms and tell a bit about Birdie's life and there are press-out dolls and costumes in the back. My husband makes clues to find one hidden present on birthday mornings and this was the gift at the end of the search today.
  3. The Adventures of Alice Laselles
    Queen Victoria wrote this book when she was 10 3/4 years old. Alice attends Miss Duncombe's School for Girls and the story seems to center around the mystery of a cat who is smuggled into the school. Victoria invented the story using paper dolls made by her governess.
  4. Miniature Rooms
    The Art Institute of Chicago's book about he Thorne Miniature Rooms, which we went to see last summer. There is also a mystery chapter book series called The 68 Rooms by Marianne Malone all about the Thorne Rooms, and my sister-in-law got her the first few this year. This book arrived in plastic and I am very excited to look through it tonight!
  5. The Wild Robot
    Peter Brown is best known for his picture books and this is his first middle-grade title. Brown did at artist visit to our school district last year, so I hope she's really excited about this one.
  6. Gris Grimly's Frankenstein
    We had a whole big conversation about the monster in the car a few weeks ago. I wondered if there was a graphic novel version appropriate for kids and then was psyched to find this because we are already fans of Grimly's work. She'll have to grow into this as the text is taken from Shelley's original.