Sunday Mass even during vacations growing up. Junior high altar server. 12 years of Catholic school. Deeply agnostic.
  1. Holy cards
    Tucked into my bedroom mirror, from my grandmothers' funerals. Not surprisingly, images of...
  2. Mary
    Comforting. I don't really pray, but when I have prayerful moments they're directed at her more often than not. This was hanging in the kitchen of my childhood home and my still-practicing mom didn't want it when she and my dad moved.
  3. Crossing myself
    An instinct at any Christian religious service I attend. I also want to genuflect before entering a pew.
  4. On Eagle's Wings, They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love, Prayer of Saint Francis (Make Me a Channel of Your Peace), Here I Am Lord, Holy God We Praise Thy Name, etc., etc., etc.
    So many songs permanently etched into my brain. And I actually like a lot of them. And I will never not cry a little when I hear On Eagles Wings.
  5. Fran the Man in the garden
    Sorry about those weeds, buddy.
  6. "Tony, Tony look around. Something's lost and must be found."
    Invoking St. Anthony when I can't find something. I maybe don't believe in god, but will recruit a magical dead guy to help locate my misplaced keys (again).