1. In the months leading up to the caucuses, Iowans get to feel like Superstars of Democracy!
    Door to door canvassers come knocking, the robo-calls are numerous (we ditched our landline a few months ago, but lots of rando cell calls, too), and a plethora of mailers are delivered in all shapes and sizes.
  2. We are way more old and white than the rest of the nation on average, but nevermind. We are FIRST!
    It's weird. And problematic. We know that.
  3. This time (unlike in 2008) we are not caucusing at our polling place, but somewhere bigger because you've got to get all of the folks in one room.
  4. Here we go! (6:44pm)
  5. Filing in...
    Clinton folks were ushered to the left and Sanders folks to the right side of the room.
  6. Hill is here!
    Oh, wait...
  7. Our friend Linda's sign about sums it up...
  8. Light up Bernie sign!
  9. We're breaking fire codes so they're asking folks who are with Bernie and HRC to move to overflow rooms to be counted.
    We're staying put for a bit.
  10. O'Malley supporters are in the corner
  11. Our precinct intersects with the U of Iowa campus and there are a number of young folks with orange Observer name tags that I suspect are international students.
    Love it.
  12. Bernie supporters heading to overflow space to be counted (7:20pm)
  13. Herky is the Iowa Hawkeyes' mascot.
  14. The Precinct Captain is getting things started!
  15. Reading the Caucus Agenda (7:30pm)
  16. "Politics ain't cheap."
    Literally passing around envelopes for the Iowa Democratic Party.
  17. They're summoning the counting team.
  18. Singing "This Land Is Your Land"
    Not even kidding 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  19. Getting counted!
  20. Now we're singing the Iowa Fight Song and Alma Mater (kind of)
  21. Still waiting to be counted (7:45pm)
  22. 759 people total here.
    Record breaking for this precinct!
  23. Now determining viability.
    That is, which candidates can move forward with 15% (114) of supporters to elect delegates.
  24. Now the "realignment" begins (8:06pm)
    O'Malley and undecided supporters have to move to a viable candidate.
  25. Viable candidates' precinct captains get 2 minutes to make speeches (8:07pm)
  26. "How many O'Malleys are there?!" (8:14pm)
    There are 16, so they have to realign.
  27. People are holding up their signs to woo the O'Malley supporters (8:18pm)
  28. "Hang tight. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic." (8:19pm)
  29. Now for the recount! (8:22pm)
    The 16 O'Malley supporters have to realign and both Bernie and Hillary supporters have to be counted again.
  30. Folks try to convince undecided caucus goers (8:28pm)
  31. Lots of sitting and waiting (8:29pm)
  32. The last undecided guy goes over to Bernie (8:32pm)
  33. The numbers are in! (8:34pm)
    Clinton = 177, Sanders = 582. Hillary gets 2 delegates and Bernie gets 7 delegates.
  34. Our work is done. (8:45pm)
    Not surprising that our precinct went so much for Sanders, but as of right now, it looks like HRC leads the state by a few percentage points.
  35. I'm on MDMA!
    Just kidding. Did you know that the Iowa state flag features a raccoon devouring a bird over the motto, Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain? Also kidding, but Ezra Koenig did organize a butterfly release at my caucus site. It was majestic: IOWA CAUCUS FAQ @tombatten
  36. "I'm telling you, Iowa is incredible. We should all move here and start the revolution."