And some hypothetical questions.
  1. This morning I read and really liked (and ⭐️ed) @john 's Tech Support list.
    It's thoughtful and thorough. Why DO ads before videos always stream perfectly?! If a non-famous person posted this list, I would have ⭐️ed it, too.
  2. But Lena D. could compose a numbered list titled THE ALPHABET made up of 23 letters out of alphabetical order and I'd probably think it was super clever and ⭐️ it (and maybe relist? 😔).
  3. Do famous folks distinguish between 25,000 and 500,000 likes the same way I distinguish between 5 and 25?
  4. Do they sift through their thousands of likes to find the handful of folks who really know them well or whose taste they truly respect?
  5. Does it get hard to distinguish a really good post/list/pic from one that's not as great because they know it's going to get thousands of likes regardless?
  6. Does this take pressure off? Or is that a naive thing to even think because of the (exhausting?) brand perpetuation that social media must entail for certain celebrities?
  7. Do they talk about this amongst themselves and maintain secret accounts just for each other?
    Let me know, @bjnovak. I won't tell.