Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. A fresh donut and a strong cup of coffee
  2. Public. Library.
  3. Listening to the Limetown podcast on dark, solo commutes home
  4. Finding consignment shop deals
  5. Letterboxing
  6. Drawing at the dining room table
  7. A grilled cheese and Campbell's tomato soup
  8. Reading to the kids on the couch under a warm blanket
  9. An impromptu picnic dinner in the park with covert thermos wine
  10. Driving to the apple orchard near our house and picking fruit while the girls run up and down the rows
  11. State park exploration
  12. Rollerskating Saturday nights at the Rec Center
  13. A rousing game of Sneaky Snacky Squirrel
    Or Carcassonne, or Ticket To Ride...
  14. Napping