1. When I was a kid, my dad shouted up from the basement, "Can you get me the chee cane?"
  2. The what? I told him I didn't know what he meant.
  3. Which just made him shout it louder. "Can you get me the CHEE CANE? It's up there. The CHEAP CHEE CANE!"
  4. And I shouted back down, "What are you talking about?!"
  5. Is he speaking English? What the hell does he mean? Is this a joke I'm not getting?
  6. My confusion frustrated him and made him more insistent, "Just get the chee cane and throw it down here!"
  7. I might have been in tears at this point. Why can't I understand what he's saying? Is something wrong with my brain right now?
  8. And then it dawned on me.
  9. "Dad, do you mean the KEY CHAIN?!"
  10. "YES! Can you just get it and throw it down here already?"
  11. "You've been saying chee cane."
  12. "What?"
  13. "CHEE CANE!" I'm laughing at this point.
  14. "Yeah, the cheap keychain... I'm sorry."
  15. 🔑🗝🔑🗝🔑🗝🔑🗝🔑🗝🔑
  16. "Chee cane" has become a kind of shorthand for a misunderstanding or mis-speaking in my family. And saying "chee cane" just makes me smile 😊