We've made these mistakes so you don't have to. My family includes 2 kids who would survive on Kirkland™ tortilla chips and apples if allowed, so sometimes the mega quantities Costco is known for wind up being a big waste of food and money. Add your own tale of warehouse regret...
  1. Hummus
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    Unless you are having a party for people who really like hummus, this is a bad idea. My husband swore he'd bring it to work for lunches but it never left our fridge. Getting tossed half full a month past date. Good riddance.
  2. Kiwis
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    Deceptive compact packaging. This is a shit ton of kiwis. And no one wants your surplus kiwis. Believe me. I tried.
  3. Graham crackers
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    Most of what we buy at Costco is non-perishable, but everything has its limits. Have you ever bitten into a rancid graham cracker? It is a cruel mouthful of bitter sand.
  4. Colby-jack cheese slices
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    Guess whose kids decided they could not abide two-tone cheese?
  5. 12 pack of Jimmy Dean Delights
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    Spoiler alert: Not a delight. After a week I was begging my roommates to eat them just so I didn't have to see them in the freezer anymore.
    Suggested by @Marcella
  6. Freeze dried fruit
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    "Perfect! It won't go bad and I'll be able get one of my fruit servings in for the day." The texture is squeaky like eating Styrofoam.
    Suggested by @jenward
  7. Seafood Dip
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    This was probably my favorite "Costco Sample" ever. Unfortunately, it was only good in that capacity. As soon as i ate any more than 2 crackers with this stuff on it, i wanted to throw up.
    Suggested by @brak
  8. Kirkland Organic Strawberry Spread (2 lbs, 10 oz worth)
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    There are three of us, we eat an alarming number of PBJs, and we have never, ever finished one of these behemoths before the jam starts to turn into prison wine.
    Suggested by @afsheen
  9. I know this isn't sexy or snarky but....olive oil. Buying Costco volumes of olive oil are not wise unless you rub it on your skin like a certain Chilean goddess that I never should have cheated on. Olive oil is intended to be as fresh as possible so buying it by the gallon is not advisable.
    Suggested by @toddal
  10. Dehydrated onions
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    No human being needs this many dried onions!! We've had this jar for about 2 years. And it will clearly NEVER end.
    Suggested by @jessicah
  11. 72 count frozen waffles
    Nobody needs that many waffles
    Suggested by @shawnlizlix