1. @jaidub said that I should long press and just list all of the classes I do actually teach at the collegiate level.
  2. 1) Introduction to Anthropology
  3. The timing of the lists with this title by @meg1 @lesleyann and others was a bit uncanny.
  4. 2) Ethnography
  5. My colleagues and I made nervous jokes about dusting off our resumes/CVs this week.
    Mine includes a list of classes I have taught at the collegiate level.
  6. 3) Medical Anthropology
  7. Because the state legislature can't get their shit together, the Dean announced that my little college is looking at a $3 million budget shortfall next year.
    This is money the state owes us in grants given to students who have demonstrated financial need. It looks very much like his budget line will not be funded this year. Or maybe ever again.
  8. 4) Feminist Anthropology
  9. Department chairs were told they need to remove all contingent faculty from next year's schedule.
    Adjuncts, part-timers, teaching fellows. Some of these colleagues have been at the college for years and years and depend on us to pay their bills. I carpool with two folks who thought they'd be teaching full-time next year and now will probably not have a job with us.
  10. 5) Ethnographic Research Methods
  11. If the grants aren't funded again next year, we'll undoubtedly lose many students who are dependent on that funding.
    At a tuition-driven, private institution, this is a very very very bad situation for the students and for the college.
  12. 6) Anthropology of Gender
  13. They anticipate 5% cuts across the board if that happens.
    It's unclear what this means for tenure-track and tenured faculty members.
  14. 7) Globalization & Anthropology
  15. Higher Ed is in a weird and worrisome moment.
    I was hired in a time of great feasting and now we are in a time of famine. I feel most for colleagues at my institution and elsewhere who have woefully little job security as adjuncts, visiting faculty and fellows. They are just as good or better at their jobs as I am. I feel very lucky, and that's not false modesty. It's the truth.
  16. 8) Post-Humans: Anticipating Technological Singularity
    I haven't taught this class, but I've been building it in my mind over the past year. Technological singularity is basically when our robot overlords take charge, or when our creations become sentient and smarter than us. Most folks who are expert in this area anticipate that we will reach this point sometime during the 21st century. I'd love to be able to teach it.