1. Eating diner banana pancakes, bacon, and eggs for breakfast
    With mediocre coffee
  2. Getting annuals for May Baskets
  3. Hustling from the store to the truck through the drizzle while holding a child's hand
  4. Putting clean sheets on the bed and keeping the down comforter on for one more week
  5. Laying down with your kid for an afternoon nap
    And thinking about how she'll stop taking naps soon and looking at her sweet, sleepy face before sneaking out
  6. Playing a new (to us) board game
    While drinking a beer and snacking on chips and salsa
  7. Making a big pot of minestrone soup for dinner
    While listening to a backlog of Memory Palace episodes
  8. Watching a Peanuts special on the couch after dinner
    You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown!
  9. Curling up with a book and a nightcap after the girls have gone to bed
  10. (All of this coziness makes up for the fact that while I was doing laundry today, the recently-opened 210 oz. jug of detergent from Costco shimmied off the top of the washer, breaking its cap and spilling all over the floor. Fuuuuuuuck. Cleaning up soap is weird and ironic.)