For their final papers, my students had to create and describe a cultural group that undergoes a significant shift to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts and culture change. Probably my most enjoyable grading of the term. Here's what they came up with...
  1. Lesticketta
    This student is on the baseball team and I cracked the code: Lester + Hendricks + Arrieta!
  2. Wrigleyvillers
    Miniature people who live under the stadium. I sense a theme emerging...
  3. Vikes
    More underground dwellers, but in the Amazon!
  4. Davidian
    Invented by David!
  5. Annian
    Invented by Anna!
  6. Lunga
    They die out ☹️
  7. Tarragona
    Free love in rural Spain!
  8. Wisteria
    Their economy and religion are based on wine production!
  9. Pacifiners
    Capitalism and intensive agriculture bring them to the brink of extinction!
  10. Arigaree
    They have a monkey god!
  11. Phookers
  12. Raikage
    Like desert pirates kinda?
  13. The Yang Tribe of South Dakota
    A solar flare wiped out the grid and we had to start all over again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Macaloma
    They have a third gender category called malma!
  15. Demacia
    Eating deer is against their religion!
  16. O'Ma Kat
    A feminist separatist state of women!
  17. Fleuropes
    Organized around the core value of a small ecological footprint!
  18. Them Bois Tribe
    Pepe and Harambe (and the "secrets of his death" in HRC's emails) are referenced in the first paragraph. Reading this sent me down a Know Your Meme rabbit hole.
  19. Onnas
    Live on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River!
  20. LavaLavas
    Live at the base of volcanoes!
  21. Muzzies
    Got colonized 👎🏼
  22. Turbians
    Have a ceremonial tent where shamans communicate with gods that control the environment!
  23. Shananogons
    They shirk work to make time for shenanigans and monkeys raise their babies!
  24. Jekberians
    They herd dragons, cows and chickens!
  25. Magnolians
    Julian Casablancas and Bernie Sanders are co-presidents!