1. Static
  2. Dear Mr. Santa Claus,
  3. For Christmas this year, I want a very few things
  4. Magic Attic Club books, the old [underlined] ones, from 1995, not [underlined] from the present (promise ya won't get the new ones?)
  5. More Lettie Lane paper dolls, Betsy Bonnet paper dolls, more Betsy Bonnet paper dolls (used is O.K.)!!!
  6. M C Squared doll or two (this is optional ☹️🙂!!) or maybe a Magic Attic Club doll? (If so, get Megan, who has strawberry blonde hair, an original, like the books)? (We'll see)
  7. P.S. If you get anything else ya' think I'll like, do it if you want!
  8. P.P.S. Was I naughty or nice this year?
  9. Love, Eleanor!