"Yeah, I always carry this much shit in my bag. You never know when you may have to jam." Inspiration from @shanaz and @jaidub
  1. The Bag
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    Purchased at a leather shop in Jerome, AZ many years ago. I love it but don't take care of it like I should.
  2. Sunglasses
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    These make me very happy. And they were $5. I'm always losing or scratching sunglasses, so I never buy expensive ones.
  3. Wallet
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    I used to carry a big, fat Costanza wallet, but really like this slimmer one.
  4. Change purse that now contains all the stuff that used to be in my big, fat Costanza wallet...
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  5. ...Specifically, these things:
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    I am both a Falafel Fiend and a Frequent Noodler. I contain multitudes.
  6. Chico Bag
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    Down with plastic!
  7. So many keys
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  8. Ear buds
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  9. Pens
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  10. Blank book
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  11. Lip stuff
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  12. Gum
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  13. Little Tupperware filled with ibuprofen
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    Wasn't carrying this bag when I needed it yesterday!
  14. Loose change
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  15. Emergency candy
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  16. Seven fruit strips
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  17. Paper trash
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  18. Wet naps
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  19. Crayons
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  20. Hand sanitizer
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  21. Cheap plastic comb
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    No idea where this came from. I don't use a comb.
  22. Fasteners
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  23. Seashells
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    My kids are always bringing random stuff along when we leave the house and it always winds up in my bag.
  24. And my phone, natch 📞