"Yeah, I always carry this much shit in my bag. You never know when you may have to jam." Inspiration from @shanaz and @jaidub
  1. The Bag
    Purchased at a leather shop in Jerome, AZ many years ago. I love it but don't take care of it like I should.
  2. Sunglasses
    These make me very happy. And they were $5. I'm always losing or scratching sunglasses, so I never buy expensive ones.
  3. Wallet
    I used to carry a big, fat Costanza wallet, but really like this slimmer one.
  4. Change purse that now contains all the stuff that used to be in my big, fat Costanza wallet...
  5. ...Specifically, these things:
    I am both a Falafel Fiend and a Frequent Noodler. I contain multitudes.
  6. Chico Bag
    Down with plastic!
  7. So many keys
  8. Ear buds
  9. Pens
  10. Blank book
  11. Lip stuff
  12. Gum
  13. Little Tupperware filled with ibuprofen
    Wasn't carrying this bag when I needed it yesterday!
  14. Loose change
  15. Emergency candy
  16. Seven fruit strips
  17. Paper trash
  18. Wet naps
  19. Crayons
  20. Hand sanitizer
  21. Cheap plastic comb
    No idea where this came from. I don't use a comb.
  22. Fasteners
  23. Seashells
    My kids are always bringing random stuff along when we leave the house and it always winds up in my bag.
  24. And my phone, natch 📞