We're coming up on the one year anniversary of the gamma/iPhone launch of The List App and I'm feeling some sort of way about folks who joined in the early days and didn't stick around. Find one to add and feel all speculative and wistful about...
  1. Not your scene, Slammy P?
  2. Will you always be a mystery behind those big sunglasses?
  3. I like your user name, Matt!
  4. Don't know if any of those is it/is it not emo lists would have landed with me, but you probably would have found your people, Tom.
  5. Actually a Times writer. I bet those lists would be so great.
  6. The other day I saw her list as a related list and thought- where did she go? @ashlee where did you go?
    Suggested by   @jaidub
  7. This guy! It 'twas great while it lasted
    Suggested by   @kate81
  8. Missy hasn't written anything since June.
    Anybody know her off-list?
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  9. She was mentioned in the comments, and deserves her own entry - Joules!
    Suggested by   @jhope71