I feel not quite right on the infrequent days when I forget to wear one or more of these. What are yours?
  1. Wedding band
    Left hand ring finger. Still love those infinity symbols. I only take this off to shower. (Why are fingers so weird looking?!)
  2. Mackintosh ring and engagement ring
    Right hand, middle finger. The design was inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and I bought this as a memento of my semester in Aberdeen, Scotland. I've been wearing it ever since. Right hand, ring finger. Green sapphire and white gold. I've never told anyone all of the details of our engagement story and probably never will.
  3. Initial necklace
    A Mother's Day gift. The pendants bear the first letters of my daughters' names. (Today I'm wearing the sweater that would be my uniform if I lived in the Star Wars universe.)
  4. Swiss Army watch
    I feel naked without my watch and check the date and time on it far more frequently than on my phone. I've had this one for probably 10 years and wore a traditional leather band Swiss Army watch (still have it, still works) the 10 years before that.