In recognition of the last Obama SotU
  1. Membership based on how fun to hang out with they look in their portraits on this placemat.
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    From the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library in Springfield, IL 🎩
  2. Dolley Madison
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    I'm in this for the eponymous snack cakes and 💯 cleavage tips, Dolley.
  3. Anna Harrison
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    Here for bold headpieces. Also, "Absent wife of William H. Harrison"?! Let's hear that story, Anna 🍿👀
  4. Angelica Van Buren
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    Wide (wall) eyed innocence! More daring headgear!
  5. Grace Coolidge
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    Stealing that haircut, that dress and whatever coocoo diaphanous thing is hovering around your shoulders, Grace.
  6. Jacqueline Kennedy
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    You're scaring me a little, Jackie, but I love it.
  7. Rosalynn Carter
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    Ride or die.
  8. Hillary Clinton
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    You look a bit Muppety here, HRC, but it's working.
  9. Michelle Obama
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    Oh, you vision in orange, you! ❤️❤️❤️