Inspired by @ListPrompts and list twinning with @LizDawson
  1. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
    Eglantine Price (Angela Lansbury) learns witchcraft to help win WWII. And there's a magic traveling bed and the girl in the movie is named Carrie, which I loved of course. My go-to sick day movie.
  2. The Incredible Shrinking Woman
    I loved this movie so much I asked if we could rent it to watch it at one of my birthday parties. I thought her post-shrinking adventures were hilarious and didn't really catch onto the social commentary about the chemical exposures inherent to modern living and animal testing. Lily Tomlin is the best.
  3. Stand and Deliver
    Edward James Olmos plays Jaime Escalante, a real high school math teacher in East LA who mentored and prepared students to take the AP Calculus exam.
  4. Breaking Away
    I still try to watch this every summer. It's my favorite of these five. Coming of age during industrial decline in the Midwest plus cycling. Paul Dooley is excellent, as always, as Dave's dad. My love of this movie may have destined me to marry a townie.
  5. Dead Poets Society
    "Mister Nolan, it's for you. It's God. He says we should have girls at Welton." I loved all of those boys. Except Cameron.