We took both girls to an Iowa Hawkeyes football game for the first time today. I am pretty ambivalent about football and especially Iowa football. This is a state in which the highest paid state employee is far and away our university football coach. That said, game day is a spectacle and it's pretty easy to get caught up in the excitement.
  1. Tailgating is intense.
    Tricked out old RVs, elaborate crock pot buffet spreads, people playing bags/cornhole everywhere.
  2. We coincidentally walked into the stadium with the marching band.
    I love marching bands but was never in one.
  3. Go Hawks?
    It was a beautiful, sunny day, but really warm in the direct sun and all of the girls' Iowa gear is black 😬
  4. The band in action.
    No photos taken of actual football play! Ha!
  5. Penny and Pop
  6. Frozen lemonade treat
    Inadvertently brilliant strategy. They were rock solid and the scraping and chipping away with flimsy plastic spoons kept the kids occupied for at least 20 minutes.
  7. Sign o' the times
  8. Official Sausage
  9. This $6 pretzel is making me thirsty!
    I wish I was joking.
  10. The girls were troopers but only made it through halftime.
    It was too hot and I think Penny was experiencing some sensory overload (soooo loud!). I left with them and they spent the rest of the game at a playground near our parking spot. Aaaand the Hawks lost.
  11. Here's to the rest of the weekend! 😊