She turned 5 yesterday.
  1. A real, in-my-bones understanding that the human capacity for love is limitless
    When I was pregnant with her, I remember saying to my husband after our older daughter had gone to bed, "It scares me a little, but I can't imagine loving this baby as much as I love her." But of course I do.
  2. Parenting humility
    I was the mother of one who thought she had it all figured out. The littler one made me understand, in only a few short weeks, that my parenting playbook did not apply to her. In wonderful, amusing, frustrating and humbling ways, she shows me every day that she is her own unique person that has to be understood and treated as such. This gift has given me much more empathy for other parents, too.
  3. So many cool drawings
  4. Joy and silliness
  5. Happy birthday, Penny ❤️