I love the blend of conservatism and wackiness that is Gina's costuming on Brooklyn 99. Kirston Leigh Mann was also the costume designer for Parks and Rec, which probably explains why I loved so many of the clothes worn by Ann, April, Donna and Leslie.
  1. Wolves
    Gina's spirit animal. Excellent fall palette.
  2. Lightning bolts
  3. Eyelashes
    Subtle but effective.
  4. Horses
    Yes. Reads as stripes from a distance.
  5. Contrasting sleeves
    A theme in Gina's sweater game. This toile-ish pattern has a horse drawn carriage that's cut off in this photo.
  6. Floral contrasting sleeves
    See? Love it.
  7. Hearts
    Also with the sleeve contrast.
  8. Cardigan, oxford, and tie
    Another theme. Annie Hall-esque.
  9. Cardigan, oxford and CAT tie
  10. Aqua dots on navy
  11. Geometric
    My very favorite.Love those contrasting cuffs.
  12. Tropical island
    Easy. Breezy.
  13. Bug sweater dress
    Wackadoo. Gina pulls it off.
  14. Bonus non-sweater dress
    Bold. Perfect with her Season 3 hair.
  15. I can't include the naked mole rat ("God's disgusting mistake") sweater because it represented a sad and shame-filled time for Gina. Wolf sweaters forever!