I love the blend of conservatism and wackiness that is Gina's costuming on Brooklyn 99. Kirston Leigh Mann was also the costume designer for Parks and Rec, which probably explains why I loved so many of the clothes worn by Ann, April, Donna and Leslie.
  1. Wolves
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    Gina's spirit animal. Excellent fall palette.
  2. Lightning bolts
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  3. Eyelashes
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    Subtle but effective.
  4. Horses
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    Yes. Reads as stripes from a distance.
  5. Contrasting sleeves
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    A theme in Gina's sweater game. This toile-ish pattern has a horse drawn carriage that's cut off in this photo.
  6. Floral contrasting sleeves
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    See? Love it.
  7. Hearts
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    Also with the sleeve contrast.
  8. Cardigan, oxford, and tie
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    Another theme. Annie Hall-esque.
  9. Cardigan, oxford and CAT tie
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  10. Aqua dots on navy
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  11. Geometric
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    My very favorite.Love those contrasting cuffs.
  12. Tropical island
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    Easy. Breezy.
  13. Bug sweater dress
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    Wackadoo. Gina pulls it off.
  14. Bonus non-sweater dress
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    Bold. Perfect with her Season 3 hair.
  15. I can't include the naked mole rat ("God's disgusting mistake") sweater because it represented a sad and shame-filled time for Gina. Wolf sweaters forever!
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