The stories behind the cereal...
  1. 4.
    Francine and Jove
    Neighbors. Really more friendly acquaintances than friends. Jove waters Francine's house plants when she goes on cruises. Francine thinks the flirting she initiated with Jove when her husband moved out is overt and brazen, but he doesn't pick up on it.
  2. 3.
    Stacey and Jen
    Former roommates. They were best friends in college and spent a summer together working at a YMCA camp in Tahoe. Now they live in different parts of the country and struggle to find ways to connect in an authentic way, though they pretend that nothing has changed about their friendship. Stacey suspects that Jen has gotten increasingly conservative since she married Jeff. Jen worries that Stacey is depressed.
  3. 2.
    Val and Sheila
    Co-workers. Have a standing weekly lunch date where they hash out office drama and discuss the shows they both watch (The Bachelor, How to Get Away with Murder, also re-watching ER and Designing Women together). Sheila has recently realized that she shares way more about her personal life over lunch than Val does. It's enough to bug her but she's not sure if she wants to say anything about it.
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    Tanya and Missy
    Sisters. Only really became friends in adulthood when Tanya had a baby and Missy came to visit for a weekend to meet her nephew for the first time and Tanya confessed to her little sister how absolutely terrified by motherhood she was and Missy took care of Owen so Tanya could go get coffee and a pedicure. Missy first saw her big sister as fully human and fallible then, and cried when Tanya dropped her off at the airport.