Inspired by @jaidub. In more ways than one.
  1. Sunrise yoga
    Hungover crawling out of bed
  2. Self care: affirmations, masks.
    Eating gelato from the tub, shower crying
  3. Making biodynamic, anti-inflammatory snacks for the week ahead
    Buying deeply discounted Easter candy
  4. Organizing my ribbons and wrappings cubbies
    Bingeing "Clean House"
  5. Starting a new batch of kombucha to gift on May Day
    Day drinking
  6. Sourcing perfect kombucha bottles and creating personalized tags
    Day drinking with light crafting. Don't even think of reminding me that gift tags are 30% off at @joannfabrics right now @jaidub. Just. Don't.
  7. Hiking into the woods with a guitar to write some soul-cleansing songs
    Feigning a disappearance to get attention
  8. Writing wishes for @jaidub on slips of home crafted paper and setting them free in a river
    Texting her insults quickly followed by weepy apologies
  9. Sleeping under the stars in Mother Nature's nurturing embrace
    Passing out on the front steps after losing my keys in the gutter
  10. Primal scream therapy
    Just screaming