I care a lot about a lot of things, but not these things.
  1. Shave my legs in winter.
    I'm a mammal.
  2. Throw out old spices.
    This marjoram remembers the hanging chad debacle. How can I get rid of it?
  3. Match receipts to statements.
    Receipts are made of BPA and aggravation. They accumulate and then I recycle them.
  4. Wash my car.
    The interior is tidy for my carpool, but I'm content as long as I can see through the windows 😑
  5. Make a good faith effort to fold a fitted sheet.
    I use the Just Make A Flattish Bundle method.
  6. Right this birdbath.
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    It's been like this for at least a month. And it was already fracked (I meant cracked, autocorrect. Very timely suggestion, though!) and won't hold water. You can hang out there till spring, my fallen friend.
  7. Make the bed.
    Some folks swear by this, but nah for me. Out of sight (the 17 hours I'm not in the bed/room), out of mind ✨🎈✨
  8. Remove the vestiges of my last pedicure.
    Sock season. It's a slow and natural death for this polish.
  9. Manage more than one social media platform at a time.
    You've got me, List App.