Kind of a complainy day. February is the longest month.
  1. This non-Dee-Lite version of "Groove Is In The Heart" on Apple Radio.
    By Groove is in the Heart? GTFO.
  2. The broken pretzels on the backseat floor mats from last weekend's road trip.
    I keep forgetting to bring the dust buster out to the car. Blah.
  3. Sour Flush.
    Toilet candy. Don't ask.
  4. All of the dead Asian lady beetles in our house.
    I know it's warm in here, but it's a death trap, buggies!
  5. Conversation hearts.
    Except the glossy kind with the raised printing that are sort of like Sweet-Tarts. Those are good. The only ones the girls got this year are the chalky kind.
  6. The stealth broccoli that hid in the bottom of my reusable grocery bag for a few weeks.
  7. These little wiry grey hairs that stick straight up on the top of my head.
    The ones I pulled out that are growing back. With a vengeance.
  8. Pens that goober out ink that I then smudge with the side of my hand.
    Looking at you, Pilot G2. Love/hate.
  9. Wet bootlaces.
    I swear I tucked them in when I took them off!
  10. Hard honey.
    I tried in vain to dig down to scoop some out with a spoon before giving up and microwaving it on its side even though putting plastic in the microwave totally freaks me out.
  11. That winter feeling where you're constantly twitching or rubbing your nose because you feel like there's a little dry bit of booger hanging in the middle of your nostril.
    I should probably just be better hydrated.
  12. Hard Cooked Eggs in plastic.
    Hard pass, Target.