<nervous laughter>
  1. That stands for Ask Me Anything
  2. How many Suggestions will you get before Jaidub floods this with 90+?
    I set the over/under line at 4...
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  3. My expectations are v modest, but I have no idea if she's at work right now. 4 seems about right?
  4. do you read your horoscope y/n and why or why not?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  5. I read my Google Horoscope (smh) religiously in my 20s on a computer in my grad school TA lounge. So much of my life seemed up for grabs that I hoped it would provide me some objective guidance or reveal some secret key to happiness. I can't remember when I stopped but I don't read it anymore though still think of "Scorpio" as part of my identity.
  6. what's a book you feel you can recommend to basically everyone?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  7. Ways of Seeing by John Berger
    I read it my first year of college. Brilliant.
  8. what's a book you'd only recommend to someone exactly like you because it's that weirdly specific?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  9. Maybe more of a litmus test? If you fall in love with this, we are exactly alike?
    Pretty much anything by Tove Jansson.
  10. What do you profess, lady?
    Suggested by @andersun
  11. A conviction to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange.
  12. describe your favorite student you ever had?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  13. A brilliant and persistent woman who came to the US as an undocumented 3-year-old and is on her way to becoming a kick ass immigration lawyer.
  14. Have you ever used the line "why don't you call me sometime when you have no class?" Did it work?
    Suggested by @jaidub
  15. Rob loves this movie. It worked.
  16. Is there a specific reason I'm one of your favorite listers or is it more of a general fondness for Midwest ex-pats? 😊
    Suggested by @loriatx
  17. You get my Chicago references @loriatx and there was at least one music list of yours I read that I could have written myself 😊
  18. Is there paper/project a student worked on that's especially memorable to you?
    Suggested by @americson
  19. Supervising senior research is pretty much my favorite thing about teaching @americson Lots of memorable projects based on v cool fieldwork—on Transcendental Meditation workshops in Iowa, organic food production in Hong Kong, home cooking and gender roles/identity in the Midwest, etc.
  20. Would you rather give up all of your neko atsumi (sp?) cats or never speak to @jaidub again?
    Suggested by @HisDudeness
  21. Hahaha @HisDudeness , the cats were never mine to begin with. Always and only on my husband's phone, and when our girls got too obsessed with checking the cats (ahem) he deleted the app. So that's an easy one 😊
  22. @TruEssence I'd have to say my undergrad philosophy advisor, Bill Young. He designed fascinating classes. He also made us feel smarter than we were while pushing us to understand challenging stuff. I spent an hour reading a single page of Hegel because of him.
  23. Are you a lady who is a professor of a professor who teaches about ladies?
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  24. @gwcoffey Both!
    Kind of? Feminist anthropology and gender are my jam. My user name is a nod/reference to Number Our Days, an ethnography and film by Barbara Myerhoff.
  25. True or False: Education is wasted on the young.
    Which is to say: I want everyone to agree that it is Very Important (tm) for me to read a bunch and have long discussion about it and write papers about it and that should be my primary focus and MAYBE if I'm doing all that well then maybe I can get a low stress job but studies first! Nobody thinks this about ME though. Only about Young Me who was way too dumb to realize how great it was. Sigh. Validate me.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  26. You strike me as a quintessential life-long learner @gwcoffey
    Do I often wish our educational systems (from pre-K to higher Ed) were better at winning hearts and minds and recognizing/molding multiple intelligences? Yes. Do I wish I could go back to school (and still magically help support my family) again and study a whole new set of stuff? Absolutely.
  27. I have to take a break to grade final papers! Brb 😊
  28. If you can have a billboard and can have anything written on it, what would it say?
    Suggested by @jasoncheng
  29. @jasoncheng I'd ask Barbara Kruger if this could be reinstalled:
  30. I am such a crier @blisssara ! Scenes in movies when people are about to do something that they've prepared a lot for and/or are really good at, usually a performance, make me cry a little. The competition scenes in Bring It On brought tears to my eyes if you can believe it.
  31. where's your favourite place to go when you just need to sit and think?
    Suggested by @roozly
  32. I tend to do my best thinking in the shower (I think there's research on this?), in the car (I have a long commute) and on walks.
  33. If pressed to pick your favorite list you wrote, which one would that be?
    Suggested by @bdot
  34. @bdot This one might just be my favorite: MY DARKEST MOMENT ⚫️