❄️❄❄️️ICE & FIRE🔥🔥🔥

We're in Minneapolis with my brother-in-law's family this weekend and went to the City of Lakes Luminary Loppet tonight. A loppet is a long-distance cross-country skiing event. This loppet featured a number of skiing and skating events on Lake Calhoun during the day and the Luminary Loppet after dark on Lake of the Isles.
  1. The path for skiers and walkers is marked with these ice luminaries.
  2. Icehenge
  3. Illuminated igloo
  4. Frozen ziggurat
  5. Playing with fire
    Several performers showed off their skills with flaming swords and hoops
  6. Enchanted forest
  7. Abstract ice
  8. Ice castle
  9. The Icecropolis