1. I will defend deep dish till I die, but I've eaten waaaay more thin crust pizza in Chicago.
  2. Deep dish was more like a treat we'd have only a few times a year when I was growing up.
  3. Because if this is your regular pizza...
  4. You're going to end up like Todd.
  5. And Chicago thin crust is ...
  6. Essentials: buttery, crackery, crispy crust and SQUARE CUT
    Why is this better than big floppy triangles? IT JUST IS.
  7. Where to get it?
  8. Marie's Pizza & Liquors on Lawrence
    An institution. At Christmas every inch of the ceiling is hung with shiny foil decorations. Liquor store attached!
  9. Barnaby's in Niles or Northbrook
    Junior high sports teams pizza party nostalgia! Look at that sign!
  10. Lou Malnati's
    A thin crust Lou (spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes) is perfection (My family's deep dish order is sausage and mushroom only and always) 😘
  11. Coalfire Pizza - 1321 W. Grand
    Went there for the 1st time on my most recent Chicago visit a few weeks ago, and it's my new favorite. Highly recommend the Pesto.
    Suggested by   @roche