1. If you like a list but no one can see it, will you even bother liking lists?
  2. If no one can see your comment unless they click into the list, will you stop commenting?
  3. They're trying to see what makes us tick, brother.
  4. What happens when they take away our notifications like candy from a baby?
    Who gives babies candy anymore? ⚪️🐷
  5. I bet they're looking forward to the Great li.st Outage Baby Boom next July when all kinds of little Devs and BJs and Nickys will be born!
    Jk most babies conceived this month should be named Arrieta (so pretty!), Rizzo (gender neutral!), Kyle and Joe Maddon
  6. Or maybe they want to see how many meta lists about li.st and listing get published.
    We're just their puppets!
  7. We're through the looking glass, people.
  8. Giphy
  9. Giphy